TopoR — Topological Router
The Unique EDA Software for Modern PCB Design

“PCB routing phase as part of the general design cycle of electronic device is almost gone” – Frontline Avionics, CEO
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    • PCB design time reduction up to 10X
    • Reduction in design working hours

    • Improvement of quality and level of technical and economic design outputs
  • Cost-Efficiency

    • Reduction in design costs
    • Reduction in manufacturing costs
    • Reduction in labor costs
  • Solutions

    • “Instant routing” of 100% of wires on a board
    • Powerful tool for high-speed design
    • Signal delay equalization (standalone, inside a group, between groups)
    • High degree of automation for routine processes
    • Automated placement of fan-out (including those intended for regular and irregular BGА and components oriented at any angle)
    • Measuring dielectric permittivity of materials
  • Quality

    • Real time design rule check
    • Reducing the level of wire crosstalk
    • Improving EMC
    • Levelling the thermal resistance across PCB
    • Reducing the risk of desynchronizing the differential signals
  • Cost-Efficiency

    • Decreasing overall length of wires and via structures
    • Reducing the area occupied by wires and via structures
    • Ability to reduce the number or signal layers
    • Enhancing operating efficiency of design engineers


TopoR Provides Compatibility with the Most Popular CAD Systems and Technological Equipment.

Availability of an Open Data Description Format Makes it Easy to Integrate TopoR into the Existing IT Infrastructure of Your Company.

SPECCTRA, Mentor PADS, P-CAD, Mentor Expedition, Eagle, Delta Design
  • Gerber
  • DXF
  • Exellon

People Are Saying About TopoR

  • One of our boards has been routed by a qualified engineer for 2 weeks. In order to study the capabilities of TopoR CAD system we passed this task to Eremex specialists and were impressed to learn that they have done this job within an hour. Moreover the majority of work was done by automatic routing with minor manual corrections. However the routing quality was better then the quality of our variant.
    Our Customer
  • TopoR is an intuitive and easy to use topological router that sigificantly speeded up routing my boards. Working with Altium/Eagle/Kicad lacking an acceptable autorouter, manually routing multi layer boards was never the favourite part of my job. Routing boards with TopoR is more a like game-like entertainment with surprisingly good results. With the topological approach I find it easy to keep track of the main ideas of the pcb (emc compliant routing, high speed routes,... ) - you edit the topology and TopoR does the routing. Not to forget: TopoR routed boards are eye catchers with their free angle connections.
    Holger Wolfmayr, Germany
  • Look at all those crazy topographically guided spiderwebs! After about an hour of my CPU blowing at full blast while I watched cat videos, TopoR suggested that it had done about all it could do. It presented a layout with every trace routed and not a single design rule violation…
    Josh Levine, USA

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    Up to 4 Signal Layers
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    Up to 8 Signal Layers
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